Louisiana Drug Card offering discounted drug prices

For many, health and prescription insurance isn't a necessity. It's a luxury. It's just too expensive for many families—families that often forgo much needed prescriptions for food and clothing. But as KPLC's Laila Morcos tells us, thousands of families have a new option that's offering a way to get affordable prescriptions.

What's in pill bottles may be life saving, but for some, the cost is just too high. "Premiums are going up. They're covering less and less things." Annie Claire Bass says health insurance and prescription drugs prices are an expensive option many families are doing without, until now.

Annie Claire Bass is the Program Manager for the Louisiana Drug Card—a free discount prescription program that seems almost unbelievable. "This card has no restrictions and no fees and there's no eligibility ways to receive this vehicle but anyone can use this card."

So how do you go about getting one of these cards? It's very easy. Just inquire at any healthcare facility or your pharmacy. "You simply bring the card to your local pharmacy and give the card to your pharmacist and they give you the discount." A discount anywhere from five to 25 % off. It's a low cost guarantee card. "You're either going to get the discount that's with that card, or you're going to get the lowest cost that pharmacy paid for that particular drug."

Plus, you can use it nationwide at most pharmacies. That way when you're trying to get these expensive medicines filled, it won't be as costly to your wallet.

The drug card has been made available through the non-profit group Louisiana Health Care Alliance and United Networks of America.