Free Program Helps Provide Affordable Prescriptions

A free discount program run by the United Networks of America (UNA) aims to lower the cost of prescription drugs and other health services for all people regardless of income or age. With discounts up to 75%, the program seeks to help people with no or inadequate insurance gain access to more affordable medications, dental care, hearing exams, eyeglasses and diabetic supplies.

By using a free prescription drug discount card, people can get between 10% and 75% off prescription drug costs. The card is available to people without a prescription drug plan or as a supplement for people with an insured prescription program. It may also be used by seniors who have Medicare Part D and can even be used to buy prescriptions for pets. According to the UNA website, the card is accepted by more than 58,000 pharmacies in the U.S., and in 2011 it collectively helped save members an estimated $1.31 billion in prescription costs.

The same discount program also helps defray the cost of hearing aids, eyeglasses, contact lenses and some vision correction surgeries. Families may take advantage of a discounted dental program, and diabetics can get cheaper supplies through a mail order program that does not require pre-authorization.

The card, shown below, may be printed out from the website for immediate use.

UNA Discount Prescription Card

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