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“New prescription discount card”


(Cumberland) – A new statewide discount prescription drug card program called the Maryland Rx Card is available to help uninsured and under-insured residents of Maryland afford their prescription medications.

The free program will provide savings of up to 75 percent on prescription drugs, with an average savings of 30 percent. The program has no restrictions to membership, no income requirements, no age limitations and no applications to fill out. Maryland Rx Card is accepted at more than 50,000 pharmacy locations across the country.

The pharmacy discount card can be downloaded at or check with the pharmacist.


“Congratulations United Networks of America for over $1 Million donated! UNA has impacted the lives of more than 10 million kids treated at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals annually.”



“Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® to benefit from a new partnership with United Networks of America”


SALT LAKE CITY (March 24, 2016) Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is proud to announce that is has partnered with United Networks of America (UNA), one of the largest providers of value-added managed care products and services in the country.

UNA Rx Card, the nations largest prescription assistance card provider, has committed a minimum of $1 million to fund program growth and development to help the charity's 170 member hospitals across North America to provide critical treatments, services and charitable care for sick and injured kids.

"We are pleased to partner with United Networks of America to provide much-needed support for our children's hospitals," said John Lauck, president and CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. "They, too, understand the complexities of the health care system and want to make that system easier for families in need."

"We share the vision of Children's Miracle Network and their hospitals," said Ryan Jumonville, chairman of United Networks of America. "We also believe that together we can save kids' lives."

About Children's Miracle Networks Hospitals
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® raises funds and awareness for 170 member hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S. and Canada. Donations stay local to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care. Since 1983, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has raised more than $5 billion, most of it $1 at a time through the charity's Miracle Balloon icon. Its various fundraising partners and programs support the nonprofit's mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible. Find out why children's hospitals need community support, and learn about your member hospital, at and

About United Networks of America
United Networks of America is one of the largest providers of value added managed care products and services in the United States. UNA has more than 240,000 participating Providers serving more than 120.1 million members across the country.

To learn more about United Networks of America, please visit, or for more on the national prescription assistance program.

Read the official Children's Miracle Network Hospitals press release here:

Media Contacts
Dana White, V.P. Media/Public Relations

Sally Gilotti, Sr. Director, External Communications

Pharmacy News Today

“The 2014 Pharmacy News Today 'MAN OF THE YEAR' is Ryan Jumonville, Chairman of United Networks of America”


During his tenure as CEO of United Networks of America, Jumonville built United Networks of America (UNA) into the largest affinity and health networking companies in the country. In 2012, Jumonville stepped down as CEO and transitioned into the position of Chairman. The move was strategic as he planned to dedicate more of his time to his family, philanthropy, and strategic acquisitions. The move turned out to be a big success on all fronts.

Ryan Jumonville Man of The Year
Ryan Jumonville Photo Courtesy
of Illinois Rx Card

Jumonville has led UNA to four significant acquisitions during his short tenure as Chairman. Most of the acquisitions have been in the Rx division of UNA which is known as UNA Rx Card. This has helped solidify them as the national market leader in that business segment. UNA Rx Card is responsible for most of the innovative changes in the prescription cash card industry. They are considered a pharmacy friendly plan and have always made client value a priority. These are rare attributes in the Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) community where revenues almost always win over values.

In addition to his new role as Chairman, Jumonville committed more of his time to philanthropic causes. He donated one million meals to the Food Bank, built houses for single mothers, built fresh water wells in Africa, donated scholarships to children of deceased U.S. military service members, supported children's healthcare, and much more. The American Cancer Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Warrick Dunn Foundation and Desire Street Ministries have each recognized him with awards for his generosity and support. In all, he contributed and provided support to dozens of charities and aid organizations.

Despite having a busy schedule Jumonville prefers to be known as a consummate family man. His greatest joy is to spend time with his two children, Jayden and Gavin. He makes the time to drop them off at school each morning. He is expecting his third child in October of this year.

As an industry leader, Jumonville is admired for having found the prescription for success both professionally and personally.

Desire Street Ministries

“Baton Rouge Native Helps Desire Community Square Reach Goal”


NEW ORLEANS, LA (June 30, 2016) – Ryan D. “Jume” Jumonville, a Baton Rouge native, provided critical support to help fund the new $11.1 million dollar Desire Community Square.

"We are so grateful to Jume for his support and are thrilled to know that we can finish the Desire Community Square project on time and join in revitalizing the Ninth Ward. We appreciate receiving a FEMA assistance grant, in addition to funds we’re raising from private donors for non-covered items, as we rebuild on the site of our New Orleans ministry campus that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina," said Danny Wuerffel.

Founded in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans in 1990, Desire Street is preparing, nearly eleven years after Hurricane Katrina, to host a grand reopening of its campus on August 27th. The new Desire Community Square will contain a full-service medical clinic, a children’s early learning center, and a community wellness center.

“I love Louisiana, and if the heart of Louisiana is Baton Rouge, its soul is most definitely New Orleans. The culture, character, and spirit of the people of New Orleans is unmatched. Danny Wuerffel understands this and believes that every child in this great city deserves to have a place like the Desire Community Square,” said Jumonville.

About Desire Street Ministries
Desire Street Ministries partners with urban ministries to encourage, equip, empower and connect them so they can become sustainable and thrive for the long-run necessary to revitalize impoverished neighborhoods through spiritual and community development. The rebuilding project in New Orleans is aimed at not only replacing what was lost, but contributing to an improved quality of life in the Ninth Ward. Serving inner-city partner ministries across the Southeast, Desire Street Ministries is led by former New Orleans Saints and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Danny Wuerffel. What began with volunteering to spend time with kids in the Desire neighborhood, developed into a passion he couldn’t ignore and a vision to see every neighborhood become a desirable place to live. Upon retiring from professional football in 2004, Mr. Wuerffel went to work for Desire Street full-time.

For more information on Desire Street and its ministry partners, see, and Facebook (

Media Contact:
Diane Hitzfeld

The OZ blog

“Free Program Helps Provide Affordable Prescriptions”


Dr. Oz Blog

A free discount program run by the United Networks of America (UNA) aims to lower the cost of prescription drugs and other health services for all people regardless of income or age. With discounts up to 75%, the program seeks to help people with no or inadequate insurance gain access to more affordable medications, dental care, hearing exams, eyeglasses and diabetic supplies.

By using a free prescription drug discount card, people can get between 10% and 75% off prescription drug costs. The card is available to people without a prescription drug plan or as a supplement for people with an insured prescription program. It may also be used by seniors who have Medicare Part D and can even be used to buy prescriptions for pets. According to the UNA website, the card is accepted by more than 58,000 pharmacies in the U.S., and in 2011 it collectively helped save members an estimated $1.31 billion in prescription costs.

The same discount program also helps defray the cost of hearing aids, eyeglasses, contact lenses and some vision correction surgeries. Families may take advantage of a discounted dental program, and diabetics can get cheaper supplies through a mail order program that does not require pre-authorization.

The card, shown below, may be printed out from the website for immediate use.

Link to Blog:


“United Networks of America celebrates $1 million donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals during annual conference”


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On February 6th, 2017, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals account manager Kieriay Moyer and Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital program director Danny Fields joined over 250 key stakeholders of United Networks of America to talk about who Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is and how United Networks of America can build local relationships with hospital program directors across the country. Program directors and representatives for every state Rx Card were encouraged to reach out to their local hospital, build a relationship and learn how Children’s Miracle Network Hospital funds support the children treated in their local community.

After the conference, the United Networks of America team presented a check in recognition of the over $1 million that has been donated since the beginning of the partnership in December 2015. From L to R: Janay Giblin, Senior Vice President – Mid America Operations; Michael Perrault, Senior vice President – East Coast Operations; Ryan Jumonville, Founder and Chairman; Kieriay Moyer, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Manager – Activation; J. Brian Oliver, Chief Executive Officer; and Dana Crowe, Vice President – Media and Public Relations.

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“California Rx Card Saves Californians Thousands in Annual Prescription Costs”


(Orange, CA) – Thousands of Californians Receive Free Prescription Drug Card Since California Rx Card Launched Oct. 1

The California Rx Card Program ( announced today that more than 55,000 Californians have received a free prescription drug card since the program launched Oct. 1. The California Rx Card can be used at thousands of pharmacies across the state to receive savings of up to 75 percent (savings average around 30 percent). Participating pharmacies include Rite Aid, Walgreens, Albertsons, K-mart, Longs Drug Stores, Ralphs Pharmacy, Sav-on, other chain drug stores, and thousands of independent pharmacies.

California residents can download a free discount prescription drug card by visiting The California Rx Card Program has no restrictions or participation requirements and is open to every California resident.

"The California Rx Card was launched to help the uninsured and under-insured people of California afford prescription medications," said Edward J. Brown III, California Rx Card Program director. "The program can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits (common in many HSAs and high deductible health plans). Also, people who have prescription coverage can use this program for non-formulary or non-covered drugs. This program even covers some pet medications (those available at participating pharmacies)."

Orange County, Calif.-based The Word & Brown Companies (CHOICE Administrators(R), which includes CaliforniaChoice(R), CaliforniaChoice 51+, Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution and Contractors Choice(R); The Word & Brown General Agency, and CONEXIS) is sponsoring The California Rx Card Program throughout the state.

"We work with insurance brokers to distribute quality and affordable healthcare programs to California employers and we know there is still a large population of uninsured people in the state," said Edward J. "Rusty" Brown, Jr., co-founder of The Word & Brown Companies. "We think the California Rx Card can make a big difference for people who have limited insurance benefits or no insurance at all, and we want to do our part to help make affordable prescription drugs available."

We're excited to have the opportunity to work with The Word & Brown Companies to provide the people of California with free access to prescription discounts," said Ryan Jumonville, president and chief executive officer of United Networks of America. "We've successfully launched programs in New York, Alabama, Texas, New Jersey, Ohio, Utah, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, and Tennessee. We've saved the residents of these states millions of dollars and look forward to doing the same for the people of California."

This program is powered by UNA Rx Card, which is a division of United Networks of America. UNA Rx Card is the fastest-growing discount prescription card company in the United States. Brian Oliver, executive vice president of UNA Rx Card, noted that "The free Rx program has brought almost $66 million in prescription savings to members around the country in the short history of the program, with calendar year savings for 2007 projected to approach $100 million."

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

“Local entrepreneur donates one million meals to Food Bank”


Just in time to make the holidays merrier for Baton Rouge families, local entrepreneur Ryan D. Jumonville has donated one million meals to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to help feed children that are food insecure and missing meals on a daily basis. Jumonville, CEO of Baton Rouge based United Networks of America, was inspired to give a helping hand to these children during a time when the Food Bank so desperately needs the support. “I recently read a report that ranked Louisiana #1 in food insecure children under 5 years old. More than 1 out of every 4 children in Louisiana are food insecure,” said Jumonville. “That means that children are unable to consistently access adequate amounts of food. Louisianans are too proud a people to allow children to go hungry in our great State. Louisiana is famous for having world class cuisine. It is difficult to take pride in that knowing we have kids that are going hungry. I truly believe that once this message gets out the people of Louisiana will come together to resolve this crisis,” said Jumonville. “We are grateful and humbled by this generous donation that will be put to good use in feeding those less fortunate in our community. Food is a basic human need and no child should have to go to bed or wake up hungry every day,” said Michael Manning, President and CEO of the Food Bank. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank will use this donation to expand its programs to help identify and feed children in need. One of the new tools will be a dedicated e-mail hotline ( that can be used to contact the organization regarding children in need. If you are interested in helping children and families in need visit


“Homes for the Holidays gets local support”


ATLANTA, Ga. (July 5, 2011) – Atlanta Falcons Limited Partner Warrick Dunn and his former Catholic High School teammate Ryan D. "Jume" Jumonville today announced a major gift to the Homes for the Holidays (HFTH) program. The $75,000 donation by Jumonville will be used to provide down-payment assistance and décor for five (5) single-parent families to achieve their American Dream of first-time home ownership.

The Warrick Dunn Family Foundation (WD-FF) is dedicated to providing opportunities for economically-disadvantaged single parents and children who have demonstrated a commitment to achieve financial independence and stability. The HFTH program, with corporate partner Aaron's, Inc., has rewarded 104 single parents and 278 children and dependents who have reached the American Dream of first-time homeownership in Atlanta, Ga., Baton Rouge, La., Tallahassee and Tampa, Fla., since 1997.

"We are very happy and grateful. This is a generous gift, and we celebrate it as recognition of the new relationship between Ryan D. "Jume" Jumonville and my Foundation. It parallels my long-standing friendship with Jume spanning back to our days at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge," said Warrick Dunn.

Jennifer J. Maxwell, executive director of WD-FF, offered: "We're thrilled that Mr. Jumonville has stepped forward as a lead donor of the Homes for the Holidays program. His generous gift enables us to further our mission of helping those who help themselves."

"I believe the true measure of a man is derived from the positive impact he has on others. Warrick Dunn is the definition of class and character and I am proud to support him in his endeavor to help single parents that have earned and deserve assistance. I hope this gift will encourage others in the Baton Rouge area to support this wonderful program," said Jumonville.

About the Warrick Dunn Family Foundation
Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. d.b.a. The Warrick Dunn Family Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for economically disadvantaged single parents and children who have demonstrated a commitment to achieve financial independence and stability. The Foundation's Homes for the Holidays program, with corporate partner Aaron's, Inc., has rewarded 104 single parents and 278 children and dependents who have reached the American Dream of first-time homeownership in Atlanta, Ga., Baton Rouge, La., Tallahassee and Tampa, Fla., since 1997. For more information, visit


“BREW Pitch Night guarantees winner up to $1 million investment; application deadline Oct. 3”


Baton Rouge area businesses will have the chance to secure up to $1 million of committed investment capital at this year's annual Pitch Night happening during Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week 2014.

Organizers will select up to four businesses to pitch their ideas in an ABC Network Shark Tank-style competition to a panel of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and investors from across the country.

BREW Pitch Night will be held Nov. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Manship Theater in downtown Baton Rouge, however the deadline for applications is Friday (Oct. 31) at 3 p.m. CST.

In recent years, winners were not guaranteed investment funds from the judges, though on-the-spot deals were voiced.

Last year's winners, owners of Pixel Dash Studio, did receive funding, however organizers did not detail the amount and business owners are under a confidentiality agreement.

In 2012, however, local business leaders pledged more than $300,000 in angel investment funds to companies at the event. A $200,00 deal was discussed with the winner, owner of Whipsy, a New Orleans-based company that makes alcohol-infused whipped cream, however, the deal was dead as of March, 2013.

But Baton Rouge entrepreneur Jared Loftus, who helped organize BREW Pitch Night 2013 said the fact that deals fell through and some business owners did not have a detailed business plan to keep investors interested is all part of the business.

"About 30 percent of deals that even happen on Shark Tank actually pan out. Nobody's putting money into a company because of a five-minute, or even an hour presentation. If you're interested, you follow up with the due diligence," Loftus said, so the BREW sharks were no different, he added.

But this year, while all judges still have the option invest in any of the companies, Ryan "Jume" Jumonville, founder and chairman of the board for United Networks of America (UNA), has committed to investing up to $1 million in the company selected by he and his CEO J. Brian Oliver, pending due diligence by UNA and its advisors.

Additionally, a $5,000 cash prize, sponsored by MESH | Integrated Marketing & Advertising and Ogwyn Bonaventure, LLC, will go to the crowd favorite business. In past BREW Pitch Night years, crowd favorite prizes were given from funds collected by night-of donators.

Companies that are among the four selected will be required to participate in at least two free coaching sessions to practice their pitch and presentation.

And if companies don't make it to the final four, they'll have the chance to attend a 90-second "Quick Pitch Lightening Round" where they can pitch their idea to the audience and judges for their chance at a $500 cash prize sponsored by Chase Bank.

Catholic High School

“CHS Building Rededicated the Ryan D. "Jume" Jumonville '91 Health and Athletic Performance Center”


On Monday, May 19, the Health & PE Building was rededicated the Ryan D. “Jume” Jumonville ’91 Health and Athletic Performance Center.

Jumonville’s $1 million sponsorship of Catholic High School will be dedicated to assist with construction costs for capital improvements on the $2.5 million Track and Field complex. Construction of the new Track and Field is set to begin on May 20.


“CVHN's New Dental Clinic to Aid Goal of Dental Care for All Kids”


Children Volunteer Health Network hosted a ribbon cutting for its new on-site dental clinic on Lynn Drive, next door to its administration building, Friday, May 04, 2012 shortly before noon. The new clinic is in addition to the organization’s mobile unit and offers three treatment rooms and the latest in dental technology.

Approximately 50 people, including several county officials, were on hand to help celebrate the new chapter in the non-profits continuing success. Tricia Carlisle-Northcutt, founder and president of CVHN, gave opening remarks, along with County Commissioner Cecelia Jones. Prior to the ceremony, Executive Director Zach Billingsley offered SoWal these insights.

How did the idea of a brick and mortar clinic come about?
We purchased two buildings in October 2009 with the intention of having one building be our administrative office and the other to be used to expand our services at some point in the future.

Over the past few years, we noticed 65 percent of the kids being seen on our Mobile Dental Clinic had severe decay requiring prompt restorative care. Our in-network volunteer providers are taking on as many kids as they can but it’s just not enough.

There have been up to 25 kids at a time on our waiting lists for restorative care. We applied for a grant in 2010 to build out and equip the second building to become a three chair dental facility. We were blessed to be awarded the funding to make this dream a reality and here we are today.

How has the dental clinic been funded?
Our dream of this clinic has become reality because of the Dugas Family Foundation. We have also received generous support from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation of Florida. Individuals like Ryan Jumonville, a Destin resident, are participating in the fundraising campaign for the clinic. The majority of our operating funds come from corporate sponsors and individuals within the community. We have various naming opportunities available inside the clinic that will help us reach our annual fundraising goal for the clinic of $250,000.

Do you still need items to furnish the clinic?
No furnishings are needed at this time. Dental supplies such as toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste are always needed.

How many children do you estimate the clinic will see, monthly, yearly?
We are currently getting the word out to schools in Okaloosa and Walton counties with the hope of reaching around 84 kids a month and 1,000 kids per year.

Is there anything you would like people to know about CVHN
Our hope is the addition of this clinic in combination with the CVHN Volunteer Provider Network, our Mobile Dental Clinic and other resources in our area, will allow all uninsured and underinsured children in Walton and Okaloosa County to have access to quality dental care. We welcome the community to call our office to learn more about becoming involved.

You can visit CVHN to learn more at or

East Tennessee Children

“Peyton Manning Golf Classic: June 20, 2016”


The 2015 Peyton Manning Golf Classic with the help of United Networks of America raised more than $166,000 for the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

The Peyton Manning Golf Classic is an annual summer fundraising event in Knoxville that benefits both East Tennessee Children's Hospital and the PeyBack Foundation. At the event, more than 200 golfers in 4-player teams enjoy a round of golf in the morning or afternoon and get to spend time with former University of Tennessee quarterback and current Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning. The PeyBack Foundation, established by Peyton Manning in 1999, promotes the future success of disadvantaged youth by assisting programs that provide leadership and growth opportunities for children at risk. East Tennessee Children's Hospital uses the proceeds from the event to purchase vital services and equipment.

Peyton Manning will be present at the tournament and visiting with golfers throughout the day at Fox Den Country Club in Farragut. The day of golf will include breakfast, lunch, a 19th hole reception, photo opportunities with Manning and much more.

"We are so thankful to Peyton Manning for including East Tennessee Children's Hospital as a key recipient of his Golf Classic this year. It was a great day to play a round and exciting to see golfers who have supported this tournament for many years continue to participate and support Children's Hospital. When you combine a favorite hometown athlete with a golf event that raises money for two worthwhile charities, it's a hole-in-one day for everyone involved."

United Networks of America is a proud sponsor of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. The 2015 Peyton Manning Golf Classic with the help of United Networks of America raised more than $166,000 that will help provide life-saving care to the children treated at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Self Magazine

“Best Way To Lower Your Drug Costs”


Self Magazine December 2005

United Networks of America drug discount card

It's free, open to everyone and offers discounts of up to 75 percent on many prescriptions that may not be covered by health plans, including birth control.

Self (Dec 2005)


“United Networks of America receives recognition for their support of kids served at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals”


CVS Health

“CVS Health Charity Classic 2015 Gala, hosted by United Networks of America”


CVS Health Charity Classic 2015 Gala

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The CVS Health Charity Classic saw close to 1,200 attendees, represented by almost 150 different companies. The event raised over $253,000 at the Live Auction, and close to an additional $36,000 via the Silent Auction. Once again, NBC Sports commentator, Dan Hicks, emceed the event. Keith Urban was the live entertainment.

United Networks of America had the honor of hosting CVS Health Charity Classic 2015 Gala. The CVS Health Charity Classic has a long history of supporting social service, health and education organizations that work to reach diverse populations in communities throughout New England. The pairing of world-class golf with worthwhile hosts and agencies results in magic on and off the green.

As one of Southern New England’s largest charitable event series', the CVS Health Charity Classic provides an exceptional opportunity be part of the tournament that has raised more than $19 million for hundreds of New England-area nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping children and families.

Folds of Honor Foundation

“Folds of Honor Foundation: Warrior for Freedom Award presented to United Networks of America”


United Networks of America is honored to be a recipient of the Warriors for Freedom Foundation Award from the Folds of Honor Foundation. This foundation was established in 2011 by Maj. Ed Pulido, Brett Dick and Sgt. Scott Momper to serve as a non-profit leadership program that educated veterans on public speaking and sharing their story. The foundation fills a need to assist veterans as they transition from military life to civilian life through recreational and social activities and speaking engagements. Additionally, the foundation provides scholarships and other resources that assist the family through programs and partnering agencies. Warriors for Freedom Foundation supports local organizations that support our veterans, such as Silent War Foundation, Folds of Honor Foundation, A Chance to Change, Homeless Alliance, The Real Warriors Campaign, Heartline and NorthCare.

Warrior for Freedom Award presented to United Networks of America

“2013 Patriot Shootout Scholarship Sponsor”


Foundation for Woman

“United Networks of America is a proud supporter of the Woman's Victory Open”


United Networks of America had the honor of sponsoring the Woman’s Hospital Victory Open. The Woman’s Hospital Victory Open has a long history of supporting social service, health and education organizations that work to address health issues affecting women. The pairing of world-class golf with worthwhile hosts and agencies results in magic on and off the green.

United Networks of America is a proud supporter of the Woman's Victory Open

About Woman's Hospital
From birth to mammography, from cancer care to surgery, Woman's Hospital specializes in the care of women and babies and is equipped to handle the expected as well as the unexpected. By 2020, Woman's will be the national leader in women's and family-centered care, achieved through innovation, evidence-based practices, and strategic partnerships.

About United Networks of America
United Networks of America is one of the largest providers of value added managed care products and services in the United States. Since 1993, UNA has continued to grow its network to more than 240,000 participating providers serving more than 120.1 million members across the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands. The diverse membership base is a testament to the versatility and value of those networks. UNA clients include TPA's, insurance companies, associations, universities, federal and state governments, school systems, large employers, among others. Each year, UNA programs continue to receive the highest rankings in the country among value added programs.


“Children's Volunteer Health Network (CVHN) Receives $10,000 Donation for Dental Clinic”


Santa Rosa Beach, FL - Ryan Jumonville, a resident of Destin, just gave the kids of Walton and Okaloosa County Florida something to smile about! Jumonville donated $10,000 to Children's Volunteer Health Network (CVHN) as they expand their outreach to uninsured and underinsured children needing restorative dental care by turning an existing building into a three chair dental clinic. The 501(c)3 organization is in the midst of a campaign to secure funds for ongoing operating expenses to sustain the clinic as well as other CVHN programs.

Jumonville's cousin, Kris "The Kid" Jumonville, lost a battle with Cystic Fibrosis a few years ago. His life will be honored as his name is displayed permanently inside the clinic. Jumonville shares, "I worked with Kris at Louisiana Dental Plan in the early 90's. He would be proud to be a part of the CVHN dental clinic. I am proud to be a part of this project and I am truly excited for the uninsured and underinsured kids of Walton and Okaloosa County."

CVHN's Executive Director, Zach Billingsley says, "The severity of cases we have seen on our Mobile Dental Bus over the past few years has been overwhelming and sad to witness. More than 65% of the children we examine on the bus have decay requiring prompt restorative dental care. The new clinic will focus on these severe cases, allowing our Mobile Dental Bus to focus on preventative treatments and visit more grades and more schools in the future. This generous donation from Mr. Jumonville will allow us to cover a significant amount of expense related to the clinic and we are very pleased to provide an opportunity to further his cousin's legacy."

The CVHN Dental Clinic will be located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2012. CVHN has multiple opportunities available at various donation levels for those wishing to personalize a donation or honor a loved one. Anyone interested can contact Zach at 850-622-3200 ext.102 or For more information about the free prescription drug program, visit

Children's Volunteer Health Network, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to enhance the lives of uninsured and underinsured school-aged children by facilitating free, immediate access to medical, dental, vision and mental health care. Children enrolled in the free and reduced lunch programs in Walton and Okaloosa Counties qualify for CVHN' services. To learn more contact us at (850) 622-3200 or visit us at


“City of Jeffersonville works with Indiana Drug Card to help Hoosiers with prescription costs”


The City of Jeffersonville has enrolled in a program helping Hoosiers with their prescription drugs.

The city has partnered with Indiana Drug Card to offer a discount prescription card to anyone living or working in Clark County. The cards are sponsored by drug companies and the participating pharmacies. There are more than 56,000 pharmacies accepting the cards nationwide.

The cards offer an average savings of 30 percent, but some prescriptions are discounted as much as 75 percent.

The cards can be printed out online at the City of Jeffersonville's website, or they can be picked up at City Hall and all five fire departments. You do not have to use your name on the card, just a telephone number. If you do have insurance, you cannot get a discount on medicines that your insurance covers, but you can use them for ones that are not covered.

ReutersYahoo! FinanceAOL Money FinanceSmart Money

“Oregon State Chamber to Distribute Free Drug Cards”


Chambers to Help Oregon Rx Card Provide Prescription Assistance to All Residents

The Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) announced a new partnership with the Oregon Rx Card today. The goal of the joint venture is to provide all Oregon residents with prescription assistance. OSCC will encourage local chambers of commerce, across the State, to distribute free discount prescription drug cards to residents. All Oregon residents are eligible for this program.

Oregon Rx Card was launched to help the uninsured and underinsured residents of Oregon afford their prescription medications.

The program, which is free to all residents, will provide savings of up to 75% on prescription drugs (savings should average roughly 30%). Oregonians can download a FREE card by visiting or Anyone not able to access the website, or otherwise obtain a member card, can simply visit any Safeway Pharmacy location and ask the pharmacy process their prescription through the Oregon Rx Card program.

The program has no restrictions to membership, no income requirements, no age limitations and there are no applications to fill out. "The Oregon Rx Card has already had a tremendous impact on the residents of Oregon and, through our coalition of chambers, we should be able to help many more Oregonians afford their medications", said Leslie Carnes, Chairman of OSCC Board of Directors.

"We are very fortunate to have the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) and their chamber members join us in this statewide prescription assistance initiative," states Oregon Rx Card Program Director, Andrew Stocks. "This partnership should help us bring this program to many more people who need help across Oregon."

Oregon Rx Card can also be used by people who have health insurance coverage with no prescription benefits, which is common in many health savings accounts (HSA) and high deductible health plans. Additionally, people who have prescription coverage can use this program for non-formulary or non-covered drugs. Oregon Rx Card is accepted at over 50,000 pharmacy locations across the country. Oregon residents can download a free card, search drug pricing, and locate participating pharmacies at or

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